Tuesday, March 3, 2009

It's The People, not the Steeple

Have you ever heard the rhyme “Here’s the church, here’s the steeple, open the door and there’s the people?” It is usually accompanied by acting out the words with your hands. It takes me back to when I was younger.

When you ask most people to define the word church, they will tell you that it is a building, usually with a steeple, where Christians meet. When you look at the word Church in the New Testament, however, it is referring to the body believers, not a structure. This week, I have seen God’s church in action.

Sunday, Daniel Dulaney baptized his neighbor Jordan who he led to Christ and Jordan’s wife. Jordan didn’t become a believer because he walked into a building. It began with neighbor’s talking over a fence about a mutual love for BBQ.

In the same service, two handmade shawls were prayed over. They are being given to a woman given less than 6 months to live and to a woman who just lost her husband. Prayer for these two was happening as each stitch was made.

Last week a good friend named Brad found out that he has prostrate cancer. He is 34 years old. Monday night a group of friends gathered around Brad and his wife to pray for healing.

It is not the buildings that make a church. It is people caring enough about other people to invest their time, treasures and talent so that others can see the love of Christ.